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DIALOG of Transformation ® is unique method to inspire people and support them to get all the best out of their lives.

Certificate in Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer 

of DIALOG of Transformation ®

Endorsed Certificate from 



Take your existing training skills to the next level, or explore a world of inspiring career opportunities in practical training. We are proud to offer this exclusive Certificate in Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer of Dialog of Transformation ® – perfect for newcomers to the profession and established trainers alike. If looking to take your competencies and confidence an important step further, study today for UK recognised qualification!

To succeed as a practical trainer, it is necessary to master an array of essential interconnected disciplines. On a global basis, organizations spanning every contemporary sector are dependent on confident, capable and qualified trainers to help them build and optimize their working teams. Far from simple communicators of information, practical trainers must be consistently engaging, inspiring, informative and interesting.

Along with planning and delivering outstanding training sessions, practical trainers are usually required to take full control of their workloads, schedules, session plans and so on. A position of unique and extensive responsibility, those who have what it takes to succeed as a professional trainer also enjoy limitless rewards.

Whether looking to join a training agency, work exclusively within an established organization or set up your own consultancy from scratch, our high-level Certificate in Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer of ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION DIALOG of Transformation ® could make all the difference!

There is good evidence that communicating in an inspiring and clear way increases an effectiveness. People become more engaged, their levels of achievement and their sense of common purpose and well-being rise.

Excellent communication is not a matter of flashy techniques. It is a matter of understanding what people want to know, and responding through your words and actions. 

People want to hear what other have to say on some key topics, and even more they want to see evidence that actions match your words.

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