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1 st of February 2019 3rd International Meeting pithing the Tourism Sector Staff Trainer project was held. participants from United Kingdom, Poland and Hungary met in Bradford.

The meeting was organised by EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE DIALOG OF TRANSFORMATION ® ASSOCIATION OF ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION - Project Partner and attended by the representatives from Poland - Leader of the WSTiE and Partner from Hungary. 

The international meeting was an opportunity to summarize previous activities in the project, as well as to plan further tasks for Partners. The first part of the meeting was the presentation of the results of work and individual results of intellectual work (O3 and O4).

During the meeting Partners also discussed the functionality of the educational platform dedicated to the HORECA industry, modifications, additions to its individual content and the content of educational materials built of 6 thematic modules.

During the meeting Partners also summarised the dissemination conference in Great Britain as well as conclusions and comments collected during the event.

The second part of the meeting regarded the planning of the stage of testing educational and multimedia materials and results achieved by the target groups of the HORECA industry together with organizational issues, feedback in individual teams, information on the progress of work to the Leader and improvement of substantive work on individual educational materials, which are implemented in parallel with three Partners.

The last item of the meeting was the discussion on project management, monitoring procedures and evaluation tasks.

In addition, the Partners jointly discussed the plan and assumptions of the last dissemination conference in Poland. During the conference in Poland, the final shape of results and materials will be presented.

Thank you for your presence!