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International Meeting in Poland 2017 

The title of the project: Tourism Sector Staff Trainer

Transnational Project Number/ agreement: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038802

Funded by Erasmus+

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Name of the project: Tourism sector staff trainer

Number of the project: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038802

Date: 6th of November 2017

Purpose of the meeting: Kick off meeting, Tasks and responsibilities discussion

Meeting Protocol

1. Introduction

The partners shortly introduced their teams and talked about their abilities. The leader of the project also discussed the essential merit of the project that included the aims, products and results of the project.

2. Discussing the whole scope of the project.

Each intellectual output was discussed separately, the partners mainly focused on the discussion of the research part of the project during the meeting. The UK representatives proposed a research method, tools and a set of questions. In January 2018 the survey and tools for the IDI and focus groups will be developed by the UK team and sent to the other partners. Each partner conducts their own research in their country and produces a concluding report of the research. In March 2018, the UK team is preparing a collective report on the results of the entire consortium.

The areas of competence of trainers are discussed in the group.

The second important topic was the films and audio recordings for materials - the case concerned the forms of employment and coordination of this element of the project. The task begins in July 2018, so in June at the next meeting the topic will be agreed - partners begin at that time. 

The key documents were discussed- – work cards/timesheets, tools E + - Mobility Tool program, reporting periods.

3. Division of roles, tasks and responsibilities between partners.

Responsibilities and roles have been confirmed in accordance with the application. UK experts have also prepared information on partners' websites about the project.

4. Discussing planning teamwork and communications tools.

Key communication channels: E-mail, Phone, Whatsapp, Skype

There are no communication problems at this stage. Everyone appreciates speed, openness and commitment.

5. Timetable of the project – and planning changes.

During the discussions, the partners agreed that the conference in March 2018 in the UK is a bad time schedule. Considering that research will only be completed, there will be few elements to encourage people to participate in the project or use the project offer. It was decided that the 1st conference will take place as planned in June 2018 in Hungary, and a letter will be prepared for the FRSE asking for a change of the conference date schedule. The letter will be prepared by experts from the UK in cooperation with the Leader. The leader will be responsible for obtaining feedback and transferring it to the partners. The remaining elements of the project did not raise any objections.

6. Presentation of planned research and detailed plan for implementation of the research in each country – timeline of the research.

UKSPOT presented a preliminary analysis. Six key areas / questions were discussed to allow better preparation of the survey and research. During the meeting, each partner talked about his HORECA market, problems, and coaching. Each partner committed to sending substantive materials to UKSPOT. The materials will be useful for analysis. UKSPOT will gather all materials and pass it on to partners, they will be extremely helpful in stage 2 of the project - creating a standard.

The meeting was conducted in a convivial atmosphere, the discussions were long and concrete.

All partners left with tasks and specific arrangements. The next international meeting will take place in Hungary - around the time of the conference.