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31 January 2019 in Bradford, United Kingdom we held our International Conference funded by the Erasmus+ in regards to the International Project ''Tourism Sector Staff Trainer''.

Transnational Project Number/ agreement: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038802

Funded by Erasmus+

During our international conference we exceed the number of Participants. Over 60 participants took a part in our event.

Our guests were the Educators who deliver trainings or workshops, in addition to their experience and knowledge of their profession. We discussed the competences and skills in the areas of techniques and tools of running training groups. Without additional competences, trainings/workshops are ineffective, unattractive, often useless or the same as elsewhere. The ability to transfer knowledge is particularly important during those practical trainings. This is also the case with expert knowledge in catering - no chef, bartender or waiter will learn the professions in theory.

During the seminar we shared our knowledge regarding the outcomes of the projects, its stages and disemination of the results of the intellectual work. We shared the knowledge about the HORECA sector and newest trends . Our guest speakers from Poland, Hungary and UK presented strategies for HORECA Sector. At the end of the event we run a networking session in order to allow integration between HORECA industry representatives, sharing ideas, presenting certificates and handouts (information packs).

Practicing is crucial and required also under the supervision of professional masters / trainers. HORECA trainers are the project’s beneficiary group - upgrading and adapting their qualifications to market’s needs, developing creative and entrepreneurial attitudes in the society, and lifelong learning awareness are very important for vocational education, including the HORECA industry.

The main aim of the project is to develop a standardized qualification of a professional trainer / VET (according to research results) in the HORECA sector, in accordance with the EQF, and a comprehensive trainer training program, to increase the number of qualified trainers in the catering industry.

Based on the experience of partner organizations, we presented the built standard of HORECA trainers' competence and ready-to-use educational materials. Beneficiaries were equipped with tools for anyone who would like to improve their competence and skills in training for HORECA in the package of coaching and interpersonal competencies.

Based on our own experiences and interviews with HORECA trained trainers, we have identified three occupational standards for which we develop and validate the educational pathways within the project:

- chef trainer (training for kitchen supporting staff, cooks,


- bartender trainer (training for bartenders,


- waiter trainer (training for waiters).

We presented the three stages of the project and it's outcomes:

1. Research on expectations, held competences, lack of competences among HORECA trainers and educators.

2. Developing the competency standards of the VET coach in the HORECA industry together with the preparation of the educational platform and ALTERNATIVE education. .

3. Validation - testing the worked out solutions During the first phase of the project, experts / specialists / researchers from each Partner’s country were present.

HORECA employees, employers, entrepreneurs, trainers and educators were included in this study to fully comprehensively involved in this process. The interviews, surveys, focus studies were carried with them. The second phase of the project involved experts and trainers working in vocational training field, NVQ trainings, adult education in the HORECA industry, as well as graphic designers, programmers and IT professionals to work on the technical side and creation of the educational platform in 3 different languages.

The third phase of the project will be implementation and testing the worked out solutions - here all people willing to take a part in workshops and trainings will be invited to take a part in in the training with the use of all standards.

Project results:

1) A study report from 3 Partner countries

2) Competence standards for VET trainers in the HORECA industry

3) Educational platform

4) Training modules for the three VET trainer’s competency standards in the HORECA industry.

5) VET Trainer Validation Report in the HORECA Industry.

The increased level of competence of trainers who train in the HORECA industry will have an impact on the functioning and development of the entire industry in the international environment. Trainers with adequate skills and qualifications will be able to better train others and will provide knowledge to employees or future employees, potential candidates in the touristic industry. The staff will be better prepared - it will improve the functioning of the business - hotels, restaurants and will contribute to the development of the whole industry.

This was fantasist event and opportunity to network many different businesses.

Thank you for your participation!