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The title of the project: Tourism Sector Staff Trainer

Transnational Project Number/ agreement: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038802

Funded by Erasmus+ 

Human Resources of the Tourism Sector Survey

Human Resources of the Tourist Sector for people aged 18 or over living in the United Kingdom.

Dear Sir or Madam,

We kindly ask you to participate in the study as part of the project "Human Resources of the Tourism Sector" implemented under the European Erasmus + program in three European countries (Poland, Great Britain, Hungary). In each country, the survey is conducted by the appropriate partner from a given country. The consortium consists of: The University College of Tourism and Ecology from Poland, UK SPOT LTD from United Kingdom and Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency from Hungary.

The survey is directed to people associated with the HORECA industry - the hospitality sector. We invite employers from the HORECA industry, experts and specialists from the HORECA industry, researchers associated with education and adult education at HORECA, coaches providing training for the HORECA industry, employees of HORECA and students of hotel and catering departments.

As of today, the HORECA training market does not have the standard of knowledge and competences of a coach that trains within the HORECA industry. Given the current research and experience, it is clear that coaches for the industry in the field of vocational training should be professionals in a given profession. In order to build a complete coach model for the personnel of the HORECA industry, this survey will allow to clarify what competences are missing from HORECA specialists in order to transfer their knowledge and experience in a professional manner.

This means that trainers and coaches are often not equally professionals in a given job in HORECA and trainers with training and didactic competences in the educational process on the market.

The following questions concern the need for specific competences among professionals in the area of training and didactic competences in conducting trainings, courses, workshops addressed to chefs, waiters, bartenders, sommeliers and other employees of the HORECA industry.

Respondents are asked to respond on a 4-point scale: "very important - important - not important - irrelevant" by choosing one answer , taking into account your experience and knowledge.

Respondents may propose their own records of professional tasks, skills / learning outcomes and social competences in the vacancies of the questionnaire left for this purpose.

The information contained in the questionnaire about professional position, workplace will be used as the credibility of research results and will indicate the approach to the topic of a given professional group.

Please click on the link below to start the Survey