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Bespoke trainings & courses

Looking for specific and practical training and course solutions?

Then we want to hear from you! We partner with employers to ensure that courses and programmes are solidly grounded in the leading-edge research and the great work of employees.

More importantly, though, your input ensures that the final product has an applied and practical approach that will have an impact on your workplace and produce results that match your objectives.

Why you should choose our offer?

  •  A dedicated team to create your personal plan
  • Trainings focused on your needs
  • Trainings in Polish or English
  • Flexible online and face-to-face trainings
  • An investment in your productivity and effectiveness
  • Soft and hard skills trainings. 

Whether your team would benefit from a tailored offering of one of our existing courses, or from a bespoke training course developed to meet your specific needs, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a personalized program for you and for your staff. 

Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you achieve the results You want and decide on the best solution for You:

[email protected] or simply ring on 07453279703.

We also offer trainings in Poland. 

Successful Women trainings - soft skills

Successful Women will provide early interventions to socially excluded women and girls from hard to reach Eastern European communities who are isolated and in need of support. The focus of the project is to build confidence in women and provide them with opportunities to better themselves and play a more active role in the community. The project will be delivered through three key activities: confidence building, communication skills and assertiveness skills. Each strand will be delivered over 6 weeks.

Confidence Building will look at the effects of cultural barriers and how to tackle them, how to be more confident, break down common myths on self-confidence and focus on speaking with confidence. There will be an outdoor life experience activity taking women out to local centers to build their confidence. We will be encouraging single mothers to participate as from previous experience, single mothers face a lot of barriers in accessing services.

In communication skills we will support women to communicate better with their partners and or children, how to communicate with different aged children, the importance of listening and speaking clearly. Communication skills will cover how to give personal information, make requests, ask for information, give instructions/directions and speak clearly to be understood. The delivery will be very interactive with lots of role plays and small group workshops to encourage women to communicate more.

Assertiveness skills course is intended to build assertiveness in women who struggle to hold their own when communicating. The activities will cover what assertiveness means, recognizing your own style e.g. passive, aggressive, indirect or assertive, taking responsibility for your role and workload, how to delegate simple tasks especially at home with children and identifying your communication strengths.

After completing the 6 week courses individuals will be referred to a life coach for further one to one 4 hours support for 2 weeks x 2 hrs per week from a qualified coach. The support will be online via email, Skype, or face to face, depending on the service user needs. Key areas covered will be: stress at home, low self-esteem, depression, mental health, loneliness and family problems.

We are also going to hold 3 open workshops for Eastern European Community, 4 hrs each - CV and cover letter writing and employment support to help women to get into employment.

Join us!