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A vision for a better future...


A vision for an better future for individuals and companies in UK.

As the leading workforce development company for individuals and businesses our programmes and services are based on transnational class research into the skills and training that service-centred businesses and individuals need.

We specialise in management and leadership trainings and projects including HORECA, customer service trainings, employment support, soft and hard skills trainings.

All of our trainers and consultants are quality assured, and have been tested on their ability to deliver top-quality programmes.

Our flexible approach to different projects and trainings will help meet the specific training needs and deliver maximum return on investment.

Our training programmes are delivered through our network of experienced trainers and consultants.

Finding entry-level staff with the right skills is easier said than done – if you’re taking on new staff, we can help you to get the best out of them.

We know that for your business to be productive and profitable, you need the people joining your team to have the right skills and knowledge to make a real contribution. That’s why we have developed bespoke training programmes that prepare people for their first role in the service industry and gives them the skills emplyers expect from the staff.

Our projects and trainings are delivered to a national standard and designed specifically for the industries it covers – removing the inconsistency that often comes with using generic projects training programmes.

We also run a Private Centre of Diagnosis and Therapy for children, young people and adults.


With Polish Consul in Manchester

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

With Gloria during AGM in Bradford

National Charity Women's Aid

With Polish General Consul in Manchester

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

With Taz,

BWA Children Services worker

during AGM of Bradford Women's Aid

Meeting in Leeds 16th September 2016 with Consular General of Polish Consulate Manchester Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Hate Crime.